Things Business Owners Must Not Worry About

If you are searching for advice on beginning a company, you must be getting too much info that it may get quite hard to separate the useful tips from the unnecessary.

This is daunting as a company owner and somewhat overwhelming, particularly when you are running a startup. Here are some items which you don’t have to worry about when you are first getting started in a business:

1) Too much expectation. In the start of a company, there is nothing to count so you won’t be needing any expensive accounting system. There is no actual revenue, although you’ll find expenses, and there is definitely a bank account. You need to keep track of everything you spend, but you do not want a gain-loss statement in the very start. At this time, all you need is to use common sense. When you starting to get revenue and the business enterprise begins to scale, then it is time to get an accounting system that is simple: something cheap that monitors expenses, revenue and cash. Yet, at the beginning, stick using a checkbook equilibrium system.

2) You do not need an office right away. If you think you really need an one, go for office spaces that are straightforward, clear and overhead. Many companies started from house and there’s nothing wrong when you do the same. When your new business is finally getting you a steady cash flow, you can then start to invest for an office space as you will need that when your company is growing both in size and revenue.

3) You do not need a management team yet. Before your business will require such kind of team, it frequently takes several years to reach the degree of proof of concept and increase that justifies management team or a seasoned executive. One huge misconception is that companies will grow quickly but this is not true to all businesses. Businesses don’t usually grow until after the first 8 years.

4) Don’t go for insurance. This changes by sector, however do not worry at the beginning phases of developing your company. Just concentrate on developing and growing your company.

5) You don’t have to be incorporated. When starting a business, you do not generally want a section between your corporate assets and your personal assets. Incorporation is something you do when you’ve got company indebtedness that is critical and you would like to distinguish that obligation out of your individual responsibility. It is definitely useful to consult with an attorney, if you really want to incorporate.

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Social Media Platforms – which is the best one?

Social Media Marketing refers to the use of different social media platforms in order to gain attention or traffic in your site. Facebook is one of the most famous social media site that allows its users to like and share a certain post making it visible to the newsfeed of all of that person’s online friends. Its user can also share or post photos, video clips, a question (poll or survey) and even create events for invitations. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the widely used social media sites around the world.

New content discoveries are often found in social media making it ideal to use in building links for SEO purposes. It also has a significant impact when it comes to relevance of some search results. What is great about social media is that it allows you to communicate and interact with potential clients and customers around the globe. Whatever you post online is visible anywhere in the world making it a perfect medium for business advertisement.

By posting valuable contents in social media, it can help you:

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Interact and communicate with your key audience
  3. Promote your business
  4. Brand awareness or recognition.
  5. Brand Loyalty
  6. Conversion opportunities
  7. Conversion rate
  8. Stronger brand authority
  9. Improved customer experience
  10. Getting customer insights

People do get bored easily when they see different posts of just the same sort. It is best to play with your creativity to come up with different content ideas. You can try sharing an article from your website’s main blog, social media posters and images, video clips or design an attention grabbing infographic instead of sticking to classic text posts. Whatever the kind of content you share, make sure that it’s something relevant to the nature of your business and always parallel to your marketing goals.

When done right, social media marketing can convert leads to loyal customers and everything else will follow too. If you haven’t tried social marketing yet and you wanted to start but no sure where to begin, then start by laying out your goals and objectives so when you start posting, all your ideas and contents correlate to your business’ aims. Social media gives you a way to reach out to all your potential customers worldwide so always think outside the box. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is paving its way to be the top and first choice of every entrepreneur when it comes to marketing. It’s proven to be very effective in promotion. Every new interesting content is easily shared and streamed all throughout the web with just a few clicks here and there. When your brand or service get famous, there is no stopping from becoming known. However there are things you need to avoid so as not to lose your social media marketing momentum:

Brand Recall. Do not ever fail to post for too long. Don’t get too comfortable about having been known in the entire web. Keeping your brand name in the mainstream is what will make your business stay in popularity. Customers and potential clients have to always hear about you so when the need comes, you will be the source that comes first into their minds.

Slow Response.

ALWAYS respond to your customers’ inquiries and relevant comments as soon as possible. Don’t keep them waiting because that will lead to letting go of your business thinking that you are no longer active. Worst, they might speculate that you think they aren’t as important as the other customers you prioritized before them. Making your customer feel bad about how you handle your business is the last thing you’ll ever need in marketing.

Lacking Creativity

Social media gives you access to all the world’s potential customers… and competitors. Make use of all of your creative juices so you can go outside the norm. Social media marketing is free but the competition is truly fierce. Think of attention grabbing contents that will entice readers to click on the link you provided.

Negative Feedback.

“You can’t please everybody” as they always say. When a negative feedback hits your comment box, be sure to handle it properly. Social media users got no reason to hold back mean opinions so anything they want to express will surely be posted. Be careful how you respond to it. When not controlled, negative feedback can lose your cool and show your weakness which will then convert into opportunity for your competitors.

Out Of Control.

Anything too much can harm your small business. We emphasized earlier that staying visible in the mainsteam is important but doing it too much could back fire and make your advertisements look annoying. Don’t waste your creative contents, post them with adequate timing.

Misunderstanding Your Platform

It is important you understand your platform so that you’ll know which social network you want to target first. When choosing which social network to join, consider the type of users they have and choose the ones which you think you’ll get more potential customers. Aside from the potential, take note of the users’ status too. You don’t want wasting your time and effort marketing to inactive users.

Not Tracking The Data

When you finally are getting all the likes and shares you need, don’t stop working. There are a lot of things you still need to do like tracking the number of new audience or followers and the pattern and trends. This way, you will know which of your strategies are effective, which needs improvement and which ones you need to stop doing.


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Small Business Advertising

A wise business owner doesn’t stop on just creating useful products or provide exceptional service to the customers. He or she advertises too so that the world knows about the business. Thousands of people out there are probably needing your service and they just didn’t know that your business exist. Help them find you through your genius advertising techniques

How To Create Effective Advertisement

To make an advertisement effective, keep in mind these four basic elements: Target audience and potential customers, product and service concept, communications media and the advertising message.

An effective advertisement contains the following:

  • Attention-grabbing headline that’s appropriate and relating to your business’ products, service and goals.
  • Engaging details that captures the interest of the prospected customers.
  • Contains believable claims to increase credibility.
  • Emphasizes the benefits they can get.
  • Call to action that motivates a person to do something.

Advertisement nowadays become a battle of creativity that sometimes, designers are thinking way too out of the box and their creativity goes out of hand. Here’s a guideline on how to make a spot on ad:

  1. Layout should be simple and the styles aren’t cluttered.
  2. Lengthy headlines aren’t always effective. Short powerful lines that stimulates the curiosity of the reader works best in enticing the people to read further.
  3. Use images that can quickly tell at least half of the story.
  4. Take note of optimal flow, and by that I am referring to how a person is expected to read and comprehend your ad. Stick to Left to Right and Top to Bottom patterns. Lacking clear pattern of texts lowers comprehension.
  5. Prefer using photos instead of illustration. Showing an action is also way better than showing a static shot.

A good advertisement delivers thought straight to the point. It focuses on one major idea and sells it by stating it briefly and clearly. Attempting to do too much in one single ad could result to chaotic and cluttered ideas. Shorten your sentences whenever possible and don’t use too much jargon. Be wise in choosing which point of view to use. Research shows that writing from a reader’s point of view works. Do not over punctuate and stick to positive scripting. Avoid extremely long lines and use varied sentence lengths. A sentence with 65 characters are considered long.

Drawing public attention to goods and services aren’t really easy however, keeping it simple and realistic will make the job simpler. Therefore, do not make promises that you cannot live up to.

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